Step 1

Website & Application Registration

The first step in applying for a Foursquare Foundation Grant is to access the Application Registration page through the Foundation homepage.  Here, applicants are able to access the Guidelines for Grant Applicants and the Grant Application.  After the registration, you will receive an email containing your Grant ID, which you will use to access your application throughout the Grant Cycle.  The entire application will be filled out and submitted on the website.  Printed or emailed versions of the application will not be acceptable for considerations for grant funding.

Step 2

Grant Application Scoring

Once all applications are submitted, they are scored according to a comprehensive set of criteria.  Scorers are trained not only on the Scoring Criteria, but on the purpose, mission and vision of the Foundation as well as its interaction with The Foursquare Church.  After scoring has been completed, the top scoring applications are passed to the Diligence Phase.  The remaining applicants will receive a formal Declination Letter, but will still be eligible to reapply in subsequent Grant Cycles.

Step 3

Diligence Documents

Applicants that are passed to the Diligence Phase will receive a series of documents that will further describe the ministry, project, plans, and financial background.  It is imperative that these documents are completed in an accurate and timely manner.  During this time, applicants are able to propose a Disbursement Schedule for grant funds that correlate with the project’s Key Milestone Worksheet.  The Key Milestone Worksheet lists important date-dive goals for each of the areas of the project, such as Evangelism Decisions and Leadership Development.

Step 4

Phone & Email Diligence

Communication during the Diligence Phase between the Project Leader and the Foundation Grant Coordinator will occur over phone and emails.  The Project Leader must be prepared to schedule appointments and respond to Diligence Documents.  At this time, the Foundation Grant Coordinator will contact the Project Leader References, and where applicable, FMI Area Missionaries, Foursquare National Leaders, and NCO District Supervisors regarding the project and the Project Leader.

Step 5

Grant Award Presentation Preview

It is important to the Foundation to maintain a strong working relationship with the Foursquare Church.  To do so, before applications are presented to the Foundation Board, the Foundation hosts a “Pre-View Review” with the NCO General Supervisor and the FMI Director.  Both are invited to offer recommendations based on their field knowledge and experience, assisting the Foursquare Foundation Board in their Grant Award decisions.

Step 6

Board Meeting & Award Decisions

The Foundation Board meets twice yearly to make Grant Award decisions.  Board members are provided with copies and summaries of each of the applications that make it to the Diligence Phase.  The Foundation Staff also presents the information gathered during diligence to assist the Board in their Grant Award decisions.

Step 7

Grant Award

Each Foundation Board member has one vote per project.  A project that receives a majority of positive votes will receive funding.  Those projects that receive less than a majority of votes will receive a Declination Letter, but they will still be eligible to re-apply in subsequent Grant Application Cycles.

Step 8

Memorandum of Agreement

After a grant has been awarded, the Project Leader will be required to sign a memorandum of Agreement (MOA).  The MOA is a formal agreement that describes the terms between the Foundation and the Grant Awardee.  No Grant Distributions will begin until both parties have signed the MOA.

Step 9

Monthly Project Review

It is important to the Foundation to develop a strong relationship with the Project Leader.  To do so, monthly contacts are established in which the Project Leader will update the Foundation Grant Coordinator on programs in each of the Key Milestones categories, including numbers of salvations and the amount of matching funds that have been raised that month.  Maintenance of monthly reporting by the Project Leader will ensure on-time Grant Disbursements.

Step 10

Site Visit

A key part of the Foundation Grant is the Site Visit. For US projects, the Foundation Grant Coordinator will visit in order to encourage the Project Leader, participate in ministry, and view progress towards project goals. For international projects, the Foundation will frequently utilize FMI personnel to do the Site Visit, allowing the FMI personnel further opportunity to deepen their relationship in the field.

Step 11

Final Report

At the end of the term, each Project Leader is required to submit the Final Report.  This document allows the Project Leader to share with the Foundation the successes, struggles, and stories from the project term. The Final Payment of 10% of the Grant amount will be disbursed after the Final Report is received.

Step 12

Best Practices

The Foundation is continually seeking to learn from the experiences of a multitude of Project Leaders through the reporting of Best Practices.  Best Practices are specific, successful techniques that were used during the project.  The Foundation’s goal is to gather Best Practices and share them with the wider church body.