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Grant Eligibility

What organizations will be eligible for funding from the Foursquare Foundation?

Churches and ministries affiliated with The Foursquare Church as well as non-Foursquare churches and ministries will be eligible to receive funds.  However, the majority of grants will be awarded to Foursquare ministries.

Who is eligible to be a project leader of a Foursquare Foundation funded project?

A Foursquare Foundation Project Leader must fit one of the following three categories:

Category Description

1.  Project Leader is a credentialed (e.g. Licensed or Ordained) Foursquare leader whose project directly partners with a Foursquare Church.

2.  Project Leader is a credentialed Foursquare leader whose project does not directly partner with a Foursquare church.

3.  Project Leader is credentialed by a denomination or ministry other than The Foursquare Church.  Please be prepared to provide a letter of recommendation from a Foursquare Pastor.

Note:  If you have any questions regarding the above categories, please do not hesitate to call the Foursquare Foundation office @ (213) 989-4512

Will the Foursquare Foundation fund both international and domestic projects?

Yes.  The Foursquare Foundation anticipates that approximately 65% of its grants will fund international projects and 35% of grants being awarded to United States-based ministries.

Are there eligibility requirements for a project not affiliated with The Foursquare Church?

Yes. The Foursquare Foundation requires that if the project is not affiliated with The Foursquare Church, that it maintains agreement with the Foursquare Declaration of Faith and Core Values. To review the complete Foursquare Declaration of Faith and Core Values,
visit the Foursquare site.

What type of project does the Foundation fund?

Foundation projects are focused on:

Direct Evangelism through:

•           Church planting

•           Evangelism events

•           Media evangelism

•           Leadership training

•           Humanitarian outreach

Will the Foursquare Foundation fund building/property projects?

Building projects, land acquisition, and facility rental may be requested for projects outside the United States, but the building/land purchase/facility rental costs may not exceed more than 50% of the Total Project Cost. US projects may request funding for facility rental on a case by case basis.

Why does the Foursquare Foundation require a 50/50 match in funds?

The Foursquare Foundation is dedicated to funding projects that are not only the vision of a project leader, but also of a local church and community. When there is financial support and involvement from the local church and community, the Foursquare Foundation believes there will be a greater long-term commitment to the project and to those who are reached through it.

Will exceptions be made if I do not have Matching Funds?

The matching funds principle is in place to support the vision of accelerating projects already in motion. The Foursquare Foundation believes that God will provide for those people who initially do not have matching funds. Matching funds can be raised over 12 months during the course of the project term. The Foursquare Foundation encourages you to look for partnerships to help support your project.

How many applications can I submit per year?

You may submit as many applications as you have viable projects.

What happens if my application misses the processing deadline?

You may reapply in a subsequent term.

Must I have a 501(c)(3), NGO status, or Foursquare recognition to apply for a Foundation grant?


What financial documentation do I need to have to receive Foundation funding?

The Foundation requires the operating financials of the ministry to be made available.  Additionally, a Detailed Project Budget for the project will be required on the application.

What happens if my Grant Application is declined?

Consider that while the Foursquare Foundation would like to fund a greater number of projects, due to limited financial resources each grant cycle, approximately 1 in 10 of all grant applications receive an award.  To fairly select grant awardees, all applications will pass through an objective, competitive screening process.   From this objective, competitive screening process, a limited number of applications will be presented to the Foursquare Foundation Board to determine the grant awardees.  Those that are not awarded will be able to reapply in following grant cycles.

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