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Foursquare Foundation Executive Director, Joseph Wainer

Joe Wainer is from Jacksonville, Florida and came to Los Angeles to attend The King’s College. His prior work experience includes over 6 years in the hospitality / hotel industry as well as 3 years in education administration at The King’s College and Seminary.

He and his wife Elizabeth currently live in Valencia, California and attend The Church on the Way of Santa Clarita. Joe is an assisting minister with an emphasis on New Life Ministries. Liz is a leader in the children’s ministry. Missions trips to India, and attending a missions sending church in Jacksonville, gave Joe and Liz God’s heart for the lost. He sees this opportunity to serve as another step in fulfilling God’s call on his life.

Program Coordinator of Administration, Gus Delgado Jr

Gus Delgado Jr is originally from the country of Panama.  He is a graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he received a bachelor in Physiological Sciences with the intent of furthering his studies in the medical field before he felt the calling of the Lord to local church ministry.

He has served the Foursquare family in Southern California in pastoral roles over worship, youth, and as an assistant minister.  He has studied at Angelus Bible Institute and is currently continuing his education towards a Masters in Divinity at The King’s University.

Gus has worked at the Foursquare Central Offices since 2002 where he has served at the Foursquare Loan Fund and the National Church Office.  He serves at the Foursquare Foundation overseeing active Grant Projects in the Americas and Africa.  His role also includes the administration of the Foursquare Foundation office, reporting, and statistics.

Gus currently lives in Newhall, California with his wife Sandra and their 3 children.

International Program Coordinator, Dan Cho

Dan Cho is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Southern California during his teenage years.  After encountering and giving his life to Christ in college, Dan went on to pursue an education in Philosophy and Biblical Languages.

Over the past 20 years, he has served as youth and college pastor, worship-arts director, and executive pastor in a number of local Foursquare Churches in Southern California.  As well, Dan has worked with several non-profit organizations to advance the Gospel and fight poverty and social/political injustices in the US and Asia.

From 2005 to 2010, Dan served at the Foursquare Central Office as the Supervisor in Information Technologies Dept. Following that appointment in 2010, Dan transitioned into the role as the Asia/South Pacific Grant Coordinator for the Foursquare Foundation.  He now serves as the International Program Coordinator for the Foursquare Foundation and is excited to be a part of the continuing advancement of the Christ’s message of hope and love throughout the world.

Dan and his wife, Shannon, currently live in the South Bay area of Southern California with their two children — Connor and Charis.

US Program Coordinator, Tim Gale

Tim Gale grew up in Portland, OR and moved to Southern California to attend LIFE Bible College.

After graduating, Tim served in several local church ministry assignments before branching out into different workplace roles. Through his management positions in various fields such as commercial real estate due diligence, professional audio/video consulting, retail and sales, Tim has grown into his deeper calling to help people discover the gifts God has placed within and connect them to His purpose for their life.

Additionally, as a certified Leadership Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, Tim has increased his ability to assist with life formation and goal facilitation for individuals in professional and ministry roles.

Tim serves as the US Program Coordinator for the Foursquare Foundation and has a passion to help facilitate the connection of people and resources with the work God has already established within each local community.

Since 2008, Tim and his wife, Katie, have been part of the founding team of The Gathering, a vibrant sending community of faith and Foursquare Simple Church Network in Santa Clarita, California. Tim and Katie, along with their two children, Madeline and Noah, reside in Canyon Country, CA.

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