Foursquare Foundation Board

Bill Chaney

Fresno, California

Bill Chaney is chairman of the ICFG board. Bill joined the Foursquare family in 1997 as executive pastor of New Life Center in Bakersfield, California.

Since his ministry began in 1978 and until he joined Foursquare, Bill served as youth pastor, music minister, associate pastor and the senior pastor of three churches. In 2000, he became the senior pastor of Faith Center in Eureka, California, and in 2010 he became the senior pastor of Valley Christian Center in Fresno, California, where he currently serves. He also has served as divisional superintendent and as a member of the board of directors for The Foursquare Church.

Having done undergraduate studies in business administration at the University of Phoenix and in pastoral leadership at Life Pacific College, Bill earned a master’s degree in practical theology from The King’s Seminary in Los Angeles.

As a member of the Foursquare board of directors, Bill serves on the Audit Committee where he helps to oversee the financial reports and information provided by Foursquare to its members and outside parties, including Foursquare’s financial policies, procedures, disclosure controls and procedures; the organization’s system of internal controls; and the auditing, accounting and financial reporting processes. The committee also reviews and approves transactions and appoints and reviews the performance of the organization’s independently registered public-accounting firm.

While he enjoys teaching, leadership development and global missions, Bill says he is “especially passionate about stewarding our resources wisely to enable more ministry on the field.” He and his wife, Beth, have two grown children, Derek and Valerie.

Harold Helms

Brentwood, Tennessee

Harold Helms was born in Concord, North Carolina in 1928 and received his elementary and secondary education there. His college work was done at Life Pacific College and the University of Richmond. Harold and Winona, also a graduate of Life Pacific College, began their pastoral ministry in North Carolina in 1949.

After nine years of pastoral work and serving as Divisional Superintendent of Foursquare churches in Western North Carolina they moved to Roanoke, Virginia where they pastored that church for seven and one half years. While there Harold also served as Divisional Superintendent for Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky. In 1965 the Helms accepted a call to Mount Vernon Bible College. Harold served there as teacher and as Dean of Students. During the 10 years they ministered there the college grew from about 60 students to 286.

In 1975 Harold and Winona became pastors of the Decatur, Illinois Foursquare Church. While there the church started a television station that ultimately reached much of central Illinois.

In 1981, when Harold and Winona came to Los Angeles to pastor Angelus Temple, they had returned to the place where they had met 36 years earlier. While serving at Angeles Temple Harold also served on the International Board for 18 years, as Vice President for 14 years and as President for one year.

After retiring in 1999 and moving to Bakersfield, California, the Helms have continued to minister both in the U.S. and overseas. In 2004 Harold published the book, God’s Final Answer, a compilation of 43 messages on the Book of Hebrews. While living in Bakersfield Harold and Winona attended New Life Center where, in 2001, Harold started the New life Center School of Ministry. He continues to serve on the Foursquare Foundation Board and the Foursquare Doctrine Committee which is currently re-editing the doctrine book, The Foundation of Pentecostal Theology.

Harold and Winona now live in Brentwood, Tennessee and worship at the Cool Springs New Song Foursquare Church. They have four children, eleven grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

Raul Irigoyen


Raul Irigoyen (61), a native of Panama, is married to Ana with whom he has two sons, Tony (36) and Rene (33).

After earning his degree in BSEE/BSME in January 1975 in the University of Panama, he taught for six years in the Politechnical Institute of the University of Panama and served in the U.S. Army Engineer Corps for 25 years, where he finished his career as the head of resources management. He also ran his own engineering consulting firm for 11 years.

After accepting Jesus as his Savior at the age of eight, he grew in his faith and served in his local church as Sunday school teacher. In 1973, he joined the local Bible Institute. In 1982 he took over as Pastor of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Diablo Heights (Panama Canal Area) where he served as Senior Pastor through 2005.

He served twice as President of the board of Foursquare Panama, as teacher and advisor to the Foursquare Panama Bible Institute, and as facilitator for the Foursquare Panama Continuous Education program.

In the interdenominational arena, he served as president of the Panama Chapter of Haggai Institute Alumni Association, vice president of the Panamanian Association of Evangelical Churches, Secretary of the board of the Panama Bible Society, and as consultant, teacher, translator, and project coordinator for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for their crusades and TV projects in Latin America and Spain.

For six and a half years, he served Foursquare Missions International in various roles, including that of Global Relations Coordinator, dealing with national leaders around the world and with FMI area missionaries.

Leslie Keegel

Sri Lanka

Leslie Keegel is the National Leader of Foursquare Sri Lanka. He graduated from the Foursquare Bible College in the Philippines in 1981. It was there that he met his wife, Belen, and they were married in June 1981. Leslie and Belen have three daughters: Blessie, Julie, and Rosie.

In 1983, Leslie became the National Leader of Foursquare Sri Lanka and began a unique discipleship program. Since that time the number of Foursquare churches has grown from two in 1983 to more than 1,600 meeting places and churches.

Under Pastor Leslie’s leadership, the Church of the Foursquare Gospel in Sri Lanka is now a missionary sending organization having missionaries in India, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, and Germany.

Leslie is the Founder / President of LIFE Bible Institute in Colombo, which has over 1,000 students in training through its satellites. Leslie and Belen recently founded the Agapao Foundation in the state of California to do humanitarian work in Sri Lanka, South Asia, and other emerging nations. Presently, Leslie and Belen continue to Senior Pastor Living Way Church, Colombo, which is the headquarters of the Foursquare Church in Sri Lanka.

He received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from ICFG in 2001 and graduated with a Doctor of Ministry degree from Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, Washington in June 2011.

billkBill Kieselhorst

Portland, Oregon

Bill and Kathy Kieselhorst have served in pastoral and missions ministries for 30 years.
Bill was Senior Pastor of Ellensburg, Washington Foursquare Church from 1982-87. He served as Missionary Advisor to West Africa for Foursquare Missions International from 1987-1992, resident in Nigeria. He worked in leadership development for church planting and multiplication in five nations.

From 1992-2000, Bill worked as a District Missions Representative in the Pacific Northwest and served on the Foursquare Missions Council.

Bill and Kathy returned to Africa in 2000 to serve as Africa Regional Coordinator for Foursquare Missions International in Johannesburg, overseeing leadership development and strategic church multiplication in 32 African nations.

They returned home from South Africa in 2003 to continue teaching and mentoring missionaries in local churches. Bill served as Training Consultant with Bethany International’s GO 100 Project, developing indigenous schools of mission in Africa with an international consultation team.

Bill presently serves as the North Pacific District Missions Representative where he continues to consult with local churches developing missionaries and missions outreaches locally and globally. Bill is a teacher, mentor, and coach for cross-cultural ministry. Bill is a graduate of the Fuller Seminary School of World Mission. Bill and Kathy are members of East Hill Church. They have four grown children, three grandchildren, and live in Portland, Oregon.

Ken Swett

Modesto, California, Vice Chairman

Ken Swett is vice chairman of the Foursquare Foundation Board, as well as senior pastor of the Foursquare Church in Modesto, California.

Pastor Ken has been married for 35 years to Wanda. They have three married daughters and four grandchildren. Ken’s family has been active in Foursquare for four generations; his parents were pastors, his maternal grandmother was a charter member of the Crescent City, California, Foursquare Church, and his daughter, Rachel, serves with her husband at the Gilroy, California Foursquare Church.

He graduated from Foursquare’s Life Pacific College (also known as LIFE Bible College) in 1979. In his 33 years of ministry in The Foursquare Church, Pastor Ken has had experience serving as a youth pastor at congregations in San Jose and Santa Fe Springs, California. He has served as senior pastor at congregations in Sacramento (5 years) and Modesto, California (now 22 years). Ken is highly esteemed for his shepherd’s heart, diligence, and humble spirit.

From 1992–2003 he served as divisional superintendent for the historic Western District. He also has been a member of the District License and Ethics Committee, a board member (14 years) and later chairman of the Old Oak Ranch Camp Board (7 years), a district missions representative, an elected member of the board of directors representing the Western Region (6 years), and was appointed to serve as chairman of the Foursquare Board of Directors 2009-2012. Ken served on several committees while a director including the Audit and Finance committees, and he continues to serve on the Investment and Governance committees.

More locally, he feels honored to help as part of the District Council of the Central Pacific District. Serving with a global heart and perspective, Ken has had the privilege of visiting Foursquare works in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Doug Andersen

Santa Clarita, California

Doug Andersen pastors The Church On The Way Santa Clarita in Southern California. He received his ministerial training at LIFE Bible College before serving in several various roles at The Church On The Way in Van Nuys. He fulfilled the position of Executive Pastor in Van Nuys before assuming the role of Senior Pastor at The Church On The Way Santa Clarita in 2008.

Doug has been a contributing writer for the Spirit-Filled Life Bible and Pastors of Promise. He is passionate about seeing every believer open to an understanding of what God wants to do in and through their lives.

His partner in ministry is his wife, Christa, also an ordained minister. Doug and Christa married in 1987 and have served the Lord together in every capacity. They have three children Brandt (18), Emma (15), and Carl (13).

Marion Ingegneri

Phoenix, Arizona

Marion Ingegneri is an ordained Foursquare minister and is the founding pastor of Grace North Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Marion is currently planting extension campuses of this ministry.

She also is the author, director and presenter of a DVD series titled “Unlocking the Gifts in You.”
Marion began working with Foursquare Women International in 1990 and served 20 years in a variety of roles including a short time as Director. She also was an Advisory Member, Leadership Development Coordinator, and National Field Leader for women in ministry leadership. Following the call to serve women in ministry further, she traveled with the Dare to Dream team, presenting a message to women of empowerment and release.

Marion is the broker/owner of a real-estate firm. She says her understanding of business negotiations and contracts has played a huge part in her role as senior pastor during the acquisition of properties for Grace North Church.

Her leadership in the church has branched out internationally, with ministry travels to Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and Canada.

Marion and her husband Joe, who is also in ministry, have been married since 1972. She calls him “one of my greatest encouragers in ministry.” The Ingegneri’s have three grown children and eight grandchildren.

Burt Smith

Olympia, Washington, Chairman

Burt Smith is Chairman of the Foursquare Foundation Board. Burt and his wife, Jan, have been in the ministry for more than 30 years. They have served as senior pastors of Church of Living Water in Olympia, Washington, since June of 1991.

The Smiths also pioneered and pastored Little Country Church in Redding, California, which grew from seven families to 5,900 members over 13 years. The church also built a Christian day school and high school.

Burt served as a Divisional Superintendent, later as the Supervisor of the Evergreen District of Foursquare Churches, and presently he is a member of the Foursquare Cabinet and Board of Directors.

Burt is a true father in the faith. He is esteemed for his availability to pastors and emerging leaders by encouraging and challenging them to achieve the high destiny that God has for each one. Burt’s practical understanding of the Word together with his sincerity and authenticity make him a favored speaker at retreats and conferences. Burt and Jan have been married for more than 40 years. They have three married daughters and six grandchildren.

Ted Vail

Longmont, Colorado (Observer)

Ted Vail serves as the Associate Director of Foursquare Missions International. Under this role he oversees the North America Region of Foursquare Churches, Global Disaster Relief, US Missions, and Urban & Multicultural Ministries in the USA.

He has been with Foursquare Missions as a regional coordinator and area missionary since 2001 and has been involved in world missions since 1988 when he spent a season in Japan, followed by a number of years in Central Mexico. He has also served as a senior pastor and regional leader of Hispanic churches in Colorado.

Ted holds a Master of Arts in Global Leadership and a Doctorate of Intercultural Studies from Fuller Seminary, and regularly shares on Global Missions.

Ted was raised in Seattle, Washington and came to know Christ as a teenager. He and his wife Dawn (a fellow missionary) have three children: Grace, Mercy, and Daniel. They are based in Longmont, Colorado. As a family, they love to laugh, and reach out to people, and serve at Hope Boulder Foursquare Church.

Glenn C. Burris Jr.

President of The Foursquare Church, Los Angeles, California

Glenn Burris Jr. graduated from Mount Vernon Bible College in 1976. He served as youth pastor in Concord, North Carolina, for a year and, in 1977, became a senior pastor in Macon, Georgia. He later pastored the Foursquare church in Cornelius, NC, and has served as a divisional superintendent, a member of the cabinet, and a member of the board of directors where he currently serves on the Building Committee, Bylaw Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Governance Committee, and the Pastoral Formation, Education, and Nurture Committee.

In 1992, Glenn was appointed district supervisor of the Southeast District. In 2002, he was appointed general supervisor of the U.S. national church.

In 2009, Glenn began leading The Foursquare Church as interim president for a 13-month term. He was then appointed president by the convention voting body, and began serving a five year term on October 1,2010.

His passions are planting churches and caring for pastors.

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